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You heard about that different drummer?  Artists like me dance to the beat.  I hope you enjoy the images, which mostly reflect the world as I like to see it. 

Since I lived by warm ocean shores for so many years, I have a particular fondness for  creatures that live on salt water, under it and near it, so there is a lot of marine stuff. I create water color paintings of mermaids, seashells, fish and the tropics. But my imagination and I have traveled together most of my life, and we've been a lot of places, so expect different things.

Again, thanks for looking!

flowerWholesalers you can email me here.

Sea GlassI designed a poster for Ophiuroidea. The signed 18" by 24" Sea Glass Lady Mermaid poster is available for sale on their website for $50. www.ophiuroidea.com


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