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parrotsI have loved colour since I thought crayons and paint were something to eat. Sight problems combined with rheumatic fever as a child turned my attention to the idea you could draw places I couldn't go yet. I grew up to be a commercial illustrator by trade, and as Three Mermaids Press, I also make paintings, tile , notecards and prints.

For my pedigree, I attended the American Academy of Art, The Art Institute and several others, finishing at the School of Design, U.C. Berkeley. My parents made sure I had private instruction from many excellent teachers, and probably second-mortgaged in order to keep me in tons of art material. I can supply a list of references if you feel you need to look at something besides my work, although that, as they say, is the bottom line.

I enjoy making art that tells a story or asks a question, although I may have to leave it to you to end the story or answer. For the rest, I'm a widow living in Nevada, with two dogs and a collection of large exotic birds, who often appear in my work, and walk in it when they can. My grown son Christopher lives in another world, Las Vegas, where he (of course!) works in the casino industry.

I have no artistic statement - everyone is artistic at something they do, and this way is mine. I hope you enjoyed looking at it as much as I enjoyed making it, and I thank you.

pat chapin


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